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Our Vision


It is our vision to become a carbon-neutral manufacturer of reliable solutions that meet basic human needs.

Already a trustworthy manufacturer of engineered solutions, we will transform into a provider of solutions that help our customers meet basic human needs (energy, shelter, nutrition and sanitation).


By 2025, all our manufacturing will be carbon neutral. We will use solar energy for 95% of our requirement for our plant in DIC by end of 2020. Meanwhile, we will initiate going solar at our Al Quoz plant as well. We plan to start changing our manufacturing and other processes to reduce our carbon footprint from this year.

Reliability and life time cost of operations of our solutions will be our key design and production goal.

We will remain fiscally disciplined to maintain the financial strength to deliver on our commitments to our employees, suppliers and customers. We will use this strength to invest in discovering and delivering upon our customer's met and unmet equipment and engineered solution needs to cement our position as a reliable partner for them.

Garbage Compactor - Al Shirawi-ATLASGarbage Compactor - Al Shirawi-ATLAS


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About Al Shirawi Equipment Company

Al Shirawi Equipment Company was formed in Dubai in 1976 to support manufacture of trailers for transportation of goods. We have since grown into an end-to-end design and manufacturing catering to multiple industries supporting the basic human needs of energy (upstream, downstream oil and gas, power); shelter (construction); sanitation (waste management; cleaning equipment and water treatment projects) and equipment for transportation of food (nutrition) and supplies for all the above.

As a manufacturing company serving multiple industries for over forty years, we have tried to implement the concept of environmental sustainability in our operations and products. Recently we have realized that implementing some sustainability ideas alone is not enough.  We believe that there is a need for urgency and seriousness to act upon the environmental crisis we face. To do our part in addressing this crisis, we explored means to turn our previously standalone efforts into a corporate commitment. Through this process, we found a purpose and a vision.    

We aim to Measure, Reduce and completely Offset the Carbon footprint of our Manufacturing processes by 2023.

We strive to provide quality and effective solutions. Our belief in the competitive coexistence of process integrity and end-result profitability makes our firm, our solutions and our people reliable. 

Our promise of reliability comes from our end-to-end solution model. We work our way up from understanding our customer’s problems and use cases;  engineering the optimal solutions; manufacturing a quality product; to the Factory Acceptance Test and on-time delivery.

We support our customers in minimizing the life time cost of their equipment not only through the initial design and manufacture of reliable equipment but also with prompt after-sales services, repairs, refurbishment, re-build of the equipment to extend its useful life to the maximum. We trust in the power of Quality Assurance and Audit in each department, at each step of the process.    

Our management adheres to ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, and ISO 45001-2018. We are authorized by ASME U, U2; National Board NB, R, T stamps.

Our strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and stability have steered us through the crest and troughs of the economy. Regular inspection, after sales services and partnerships with credible contractors and suppliers underline our client centric approach. We are now the leading suppliers of heavy equipment in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia